There is so much involved in that simple phrase “build it green.” It involves your homesite, landscaping, recycling, energy usage, water conservation, building design, use of glass, insulation, orientation, quality construction, building methods, sustainable/durable materials, and so much more.

Carreiro Builders practices and believes that “going green” is using common sense and practicing good stewardship towards the earth and its limited resources. In other words, building with a conscience – by using sustainable materials constructed in such a way that longevity becomes a part of the going green process. By prolonging the replacement date we save resources for future use.

Green building is far more than just implementing sustainable products into your building project – it is a revolutionary way of thinking – a process of taking an active, conscious stewardship of how to manage a project from the ground up. All with the ultimate goal of doing what is right for the earth and generations to follow. This includes minimizing the impact on the site and the environment by the processes chosen to accomplish a task. For example, in remodeling there are many opportunities to drastically minimize the materials that will end up in a landfill. Instead, these materials can be reused as cost-efficient materials for making new products. Designing and building so that your home’s systems are implemented with the mindset to preserve the earth’s resources thereby saving money, and more importantly, energy.

Using such products as tube skylights that are sealed properly to minimize heat loss and reduce lighting needs during the day, while at the same time provide natural light for a warmer ambience, is an example of green building. So are heating and ventilation systems that are installed in such a way as to minimize the energy being consumed and achieve a comfort level throughout the entire home.

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